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Future-Proof Your Career with Medical Tattooing: Why It's a Valuable Skill in the Age of AI

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Medical tattooing is an increasingly popular field that involves the application of tattoos for medical and cosmetic purposes. From areola reconstruction to scar camouflage, medical tattooing offers a range of services that help patients improve their appearance and quality of life. In this article, we will explore why medical tattooing is a valuable skill to have in the age of AI and automation.

Why Medical Tattooing Is a Good Skill to Get Into

One of the main reasons why medical tattooing is a good skill to get into is because it is a highly specialized field that requires a human touch. While AI and automation are taking over many jobs, medical tattooing is an area where a human is still needed to perform the service. As a result, medical tattooing offers a unique opportunity for individuals to develop a valuable skill set that will be in demand for years to come.

In addition, medical tattooing is a field that is growing rapidly. As more people seek out cosmetic and medical tattooing services, there is an increasing need for skilled practitioners who can provide quality care. This means that individuals who choose to pursue a career in medical tattooing can enjoy job security and a stable income.

How to Get Started in Medical Tattooing

To get started in medical tattooing, individuals should first complete a training program that covers the necessary skills and techniques. Many programs are available online and in-person, and typically cover topics such as skin anatomy, color theory, and sanitation practices.

Once individuals have completed their training, they can begin practicing their skills and building a portfolio of work. This can be done through internships or apprenticeships, as well as by offering services to friends and family.

furture proof your career in the age of AI

future proof your career


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