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the best 3d areola tattoo trainer in florida




1.Why are The courses Priced this way?

Our programs' pricing reflects the comprehensive support provided for six months post-program, including ongoing education. This ensures you have access to expert guidance for cases for scar treatments.


If you encounter challenges during different healing phases or face other issues, our support will be there to assist you. 

Bianca, our trainer, has extensive experience in medical tattooing and can guide you through various cases from start to finish. Even if complications arise, she can provide valuable insights and solutions based on her firsthand experience. This can help you excel quicker in the field.

Additionally, each class offers a high return on investment, especially because the services you will be able to offer are high-value.  And this is a niche market.


As you build your skills, you can increase your pricing, allowing for a quick return on your investment.


Our most popular program, the Ultimate Class, provides an extensive service menu that can be integrated into your practice or offered at a facility, potentially transforming the direction of your business. The class offers scar and areola work and is priced fairly low compared to other in house training programs that only offer one of these skills.

We teach a wide range of scar and areola tattooing techniques using the most advanced methods and skills to ensure you stand out in the field.

What is included in the Kit?

This kit will enable you to do 35 to 50 clients maybe more

19 inks

Machine(just added recently)

5 boxes of needles

ink cups

wraps for machine

numbing cream

secondary numb

ink mixer

clear bandages


fake skin

What does it mean when the courses say hands on?


All of our classes include live models, and the theoretical coursework is provided before the class once payment is made. Hands-on training means that you will be directly involved in various cases of breast and scar work. We strive to have one or two models each day, though this depends on our bookings and any cancellations. During the class, you will either observe or work directly on models, providing a balanced mix of both experiences.

Primarily, your trainer Bianca, who has extensive experience in medical tattooing, will have you observe her performing 3D areola tattoos. You will also engage in hands-on activities such as practicing sanitation procedures and witnessing the day-to-day operations of running a medical tattooing business. This comprehensive approach ensures that you gain practical skills and real-world insights.

How many people are in a class?

Each class is limited to three participants to ensure personalized attention and a more effective learning experience. Bianca is dedicated to ensuring you leave the course feeling confident and well-equipped with the necessary skill set. Individualized attention is crucial in this type of work, and Bianca is available to provide extra assistance after class if needed.

What if I've never tattooed?

Our class is designed so that anyone can learn, regardless of prior tattooing experience. You will receive ongoing support after the course to help you develop your skills gradually and build your practice. We recommend starting with practice models for your first five clients to gain confidence and proficiency. Our goal is to equip you with the foundational skills necessary, allowing you to develop and refine them over time.


Who should take the course-

Those who want and have a passion for this industry and know that with passion you can build your skills and excel.

People who are comfortable with hands-on work and the fast-paced, intensive learning schedule over four days.

Is the course a separate state license ?

In the permanent makeup (PMU) industry, it is typical to obtain certificate of completion of the course through a course offered by a trainer, either online or in-person. This certificate signifies the completion of the course, rather than serving as a separate state license. There is no such thing as a paramedical tattooing state license , just like there is no such thing as a microblading tattooing state license or with any other pmu service. it's all a form of tattooing and falls under a tattoo license issued by the state of Florida.

What do I need to take the course? 

A Florida Tattoo license

What is it like at the International Institute of Medical Tattoo Science and Artistry?

The International Institute of Medical Science and Artistry provides a tranquil and inviting atmosphere, crucial for both educational pursuits and client comfort.  Guests and students will only work and interact with Bianca, their dedicated trainer. This focused staffing approach helps maintain a peaceful environment, ensuring a personal and undisturbed experience for everyone involved. Bianca is the staff.

Comprehensive Medical Tattooing Course Q&A | Learn Advanced Scar & Areola Techniques


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