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Should I Work at Several Clinics as a Paramedical Tattoo Artist?

paramedical tattoo artists working at clinics

In the burgeoning field of paramedical tattooing, artists are often faced with the decision of where to establish their practice. One prevalent question is whether to commit to a single location or to embrace the opportunity of working across multiple clinics. While this choice boils down to personal preference, exploring the multi-clinic route offers a unique set of advantages, especially for those embarking on their paramedical tattooing journey.

The Flexibility of Being a Private Contractor

Opting to work at various clinics, you position yourself as a private contractor, typically operating under a 1099 status. This arrangement affords you the autonomy to dictate your schedule, allowing for a work-life balance tailored to your personal and professional needs. The freedom to choose your hours and days can be particularly appealing, granting you control over your workload and the pace at which you wish to work.

Diverse Experience Through Varied Cases

Paramedical tattooing encompasses a wide array of procedures, from scar camouflage to areola restoration, each requiring a specific skill set and understanding. By aligning with multiple clinics, you expose yourself to a broader spectrum of cases. Each clinic may specialize in different treatments or attract clients with varied needs, ensuring that your experience is continually expanding and diversifying. This variety not only enhances your skill set but also keeps your daily work engaging and dynamic.

Networking and Community Engagement

Working across different clinics naturally leads to meeting a wide range of professionals and clients. Each new environment is an opportunity to build relationships, learn from others, and introduce your services to potential clients. Networking in this manner can significantly bolster your reputation in the field and lead to more referrals and opportunities.

Ideal for Establishing Your Presence

For those just starting in paramedical tattooing, the prospect of committing to a single clinic might seem daunting or limiting. Spreading your presence across multiple clinics can be an effective strategy for building your clientele and establishing your name in the industry. As you gain more experience and recognition, you can continue to expand your reach by adding new clinics to your portfolio, further cementing your standing as a skilled paramedical tattoo artist.

Continual Self-Marketing

Even as you work across various clinics, the importance of self-marketing remains paramount. Each new clinic and client interaction is a chance to showcase your expertise and professionalism. Maintaining an active online presence, sharing your successes and testimonials, and engaging with the community can complement your physical presence across clinics, creating a comprehensive marketing approach.


Deciding to work at several clinics as a paramedical tattoo artist comes with a wealth of benefits, from enhanced flexibility and a broadened skill set to invaluable networking opportunities. While this approach may not suit everyone, it offers a viable and potentially rewarding path for artists looking to make their mark in the field of paramedical tattooing. As you navigate your career, remember that the most effective strategy is one that aligns with your professional goals and personal preferences, fostering growth and success in this meaningful and transformative profession.


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